August Round-Up – Part 1 Not the bread

I did quite a bit of bread baking in August as well … 2 recipes of honey whole wheat bread and some more sourdough. And there was some pizza and a stromboli. This time I’m going to show you the other stuff first.

Appetizers – Gougeres, which I’ve made before, and Korean green onion pancake. I’m going to trying to make the pancake again (it fell during turning and I cut it into too many small pieces) and will hopefully post a nicer picture and maybe, a recipe


Kielbasa and fried eggs

Canadian bacon – on English muffin or onion bun, I like a bit of cream cheese under the bacon

Soup – Tofu and bok choy miso with noodles or without


Steak, bbq’d with several sides – Potato wedges or gnocchi in brown butter sage


Whole Roast Chicken – a start to many good meals for a single person

Roasted chicken leg from the chicken above or a chicken breast sprinkled with Italian herbs and oven baked

Chicken fried rice with meat from the roasted chicken. I’m still working on the fried rice part.

Boneless pork chops with mushroom sage gnocchi


Limoncello tiramisu and chocolate cookies

Cream puffs

With some ice cream inside, or pastry cream

Wonton cups filled with pastry cream


Hard raspberry lemonade


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