July Round-Up – Part 2 Other Stuff

Part 2

These are posted in chronological order as I made them.

I bought some fresh sage and with the thought of a sage and brown butter sauce in the back of my mind I made ravioli using wonton wrappers out of my freezer. The filling was a simple and tasty sweet potato/Parmesan mixture. I garnished with toasted pine nuts cause I forgot to put them in the filling. Delicious and easy.

I baked off the extra wontons in muffin tins and filled the crispy cups that resulted with shrimp in a bang bang sauce (copycat recipe from the Cheesecake factory).

The baked cups are REALLY dry and crispy and will stand up for hours to the moistest filling. I didn’t LOVE the cups but the shrimp filling was really good.

I also made a delicious Jonagold apple pie-like filling which was great over pancakes, and, along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, made for a tasty sweet filling for the baked wonton cups. By the way, the cups also freeze well.

I also made breaded chicken cutlets … for Chicken Parmigiana and easy, but just as tasty, chicken cutlet sandwiches on the leftover fougasse mentioned above.

Lemon curd for another batch of limoncello tiramisu. I splurged and made it a double layer version instead of the more modest one I made the first time.

And then there were the baked beef meatballs that I used to top some pasta with home made marinara sauce.

A couple of other meals … pan fried boneless pork loin chops and a sauteed mushroom, sage and asiago cheese souffle … cause I had all 3 in the house at the same time

Salmon dressed with tzatziki sauce over Mexican rice. I’m digging deep in the freezer for the proteins to cook.

I had a chicken liver craving so I made this comfort dish. Not pretty but yummy.

And those were the July highlights.


10 thoughts on “July Round-Up – Part 2 Other Stuff

  1. It looks like you’ve been extremely busy this summer! Actually I make wonton baked baskets quite often (I put salads inside) and do like the “package” a lot!

    1. I’m not really blogging, just posting a bunch of pics from the last couple of months. There’s the previous half of the July posts with a lot of breads you should check out too. And then I have to put up a fast update of August doings. I may even post a recipe. I haven’t decided yet.

      The ravioli were tasty even though I forgot to put the pine nuts in the filling. πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely to see you back. How is it that the least prettiest dishes are always the tastiest. There must be something in the colour brown that makes things extra tasty.

    1. Thank you. I spent a lot of time playing with sourdough and yeast. Burned my forearm getting bread in and out of the oven. But it was interesting.

      RE: Brown … the reverse holds true for green, except pesto and guacamole. πŸ™‚

      1. You are so right about green food. Playing with sourdough sounds dangerous if interesting. I generally have bread fails. Not my forte.

      2. I can handle yeast with my eyes closed. It’s sourdough that is giving me fits. I have to work on getting it strong/active enough to make my bread rise with just that right taste. At least the pancakes I made with the leftover starter that I was supposed to discard were yummy.

      3. I must admit I think of a sourdough starter as being a mythical beast that only the lucky have inherited. I have a couple of friends who have named their starter it is so beloved.

      4. Let me tell you about sourdough starter. Yeast is everwhere. In the air, in the flour you buy from the store. Add water to flour in a clean glass canning jar, cover it with cheesecloth and use the screw ring of the jar to hold it down, put it in a warm-ish place ie the top of your fridge and wait. In as little as 12-16 hrs you’ll have your own magical sourdough starter. With feedings and time, you’ll have the equivalent of the little dry granules you buy in a jar to make bread with. Artisanal sourdough bread is made by yeast obsessives who know the growth cycles of their yeasts and name them. The rest of us are happy with the commercial yeast. πŸ™‚

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