Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer

Things seem to be very slow these days on both LJ and blog country.

It’s quite depressing when no one seems to be reading your posts.

So, I’m taking a break too. That will be hard since my camera is usually in the kitchen waiting to snap a picture of the latest dish. I took it with me today when I went out for sushi. It will be my last chance to eat out until the fall when I go back to work. I may post pics or maybe not. I still haven’t posted the pics from my dim sum outing a month ago.

I’m low on flour so I’m going to have to get a new bag before I bake any bread. Speaking of baking bread, I harvested some wild yeast and am trying to make my own sourdough starter.

And I have a huge backlog of food in the freezer to eat … and fanfic to read. And I should really go through the attic and clear out my parents’ clothes, old books and miscellaneous junk.

I hope everyone has a great summer.

See you all later.


23 thoughts on “Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer

    1. It makes me feel better to know that I’m not the only one … sort of. I think you need a break when you’re not excited about posting a new recipe but feeling pressured to do so.

      1. Definitely but I am still reading and enjoying your posts if that is any consolation! I am thinking about cutting back on how much I post to do some other stuff. One of my other favourite bloggers has just done the same. It is amazing how time consuming food blogging is.

  1. I’ve just had a health-enforced break and a break of every sort can do a body good. I hope you have a wonderful time off. I’ll miss you!

      1. It was suggested that I take a little time off as well… I’ve been driving myself crazy watching my numbers, and comments dwindle.. I do think it’s the summer months, when people are vacationing, and spending more time outside rather than inside at their computers.
        Take a little break.. But don’t go away forever. Spend some time for you. Regroup, and come back strong. ❤️

  2. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I had internet woes while in Bali and then we just went away to the country for a few days and when we arrived we discovered there was no wifi and no mobile reception. I was hoping to spend a few days catching up on social media and organising my posts. Didn’t happen. Then today, the electricity people have switched off the electricity from 7.30am until 6pm so again, no internet and I can’t cook the recipe I’m wanting to post on my blog. I am operating out of my husband’s office. I do hope you enjoy your break and I’ll look forward to hearing from you on your return. I do so much appreciate what a loyal follower of my blog you are. Best wishes xx

    1. The trip to Bali looked amazing. You lead a very exciting life. I hope to return with new enthusiasm. After 2 1/2 years of taking pictures (my camera was a Xmas 2012 present to myself) and posting recipes, I was definitely burnt out. What started as a simple food diary for my own records become something more ambitious and stressful.With luck, I’ll regain my fun in cooking and posting.

      I’ll continue reading blogs I’m subscribed to as I have in the past … where so much of my inspiration has come from. Like yours. 🙂

  3. Have a nice break! But not for too long 😉 You shouldn’t worry about the low number of comments… I have been having this too. As some people have said, summertime is usually like this and moreover, I am sure many people read your blog without commenting too. (Most commenters are bloggers, but I remember when I didn’t have a blog I didn’t dare commenting on blogs I visited regularly). Have a wonderful summer!

  4. There are so many things in life that need to be done that often get put on the back burner. Take this time to do what’s necessary and also things that gives you lots of pleasure. I know that it is hard to continue a blog at times but I know that your break will revitalize you. My numbers have also dropped…they are the lowest they have been since the first year I started blogging but it sounds like many of us are experiencing the same thing. Our blogs should be fun and I hope you return as we all enjoy your presence in our blogging world. 😀

  5. Glad to see you’re taking a break too! Sorry I haven’t been here much. Traveling, house renovation, and kids with me all the time, I’m a bit going crazy… Hope all will settle soon and I have more time to enjoy reading blogs. I’m jealous of your homemade food in the freezer! We’ve been eating out for 3 weeks now since we came back to the States, and I really miss simple home cooking! See you soon on your blog!

  6. Well, had I been here, I would have been reading your posts every day!~ I feel as if I’ve missed out! You’ve had quite a lot of cooking adventures and it all looks so wonderful~

    1. Thank you. Things slowed down and I lost a lot of my enthusiasm for posting. I had fun just cooking for me. I DID post pictures on FB but very few recipes. Really took the pressure off. 🙂

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