Happy Canada Day / 4th of July!

Happy Canada Day
to  my fellow Canadians
a Joyous
4th of July Celebration
for my American friends

I didn’t attend the local Canada Day parade but I was able to see a lot of it from the 2nd story window of my house overlooking the parade route. Highlights that I recall from the last half that I watched include the local Black Heritage and Sikh community groups, separate assemblies of the English and Western riding schools (with ponies to pet for the latter). There were a couple of members of the English group following with a wheelbarrow and brooms on horse poop patrol. Not a job I would have enjoyed. 🙂

And then there were floats: Garfield who actually floated, Oscar in his garbage can, the Genie and his lamp from Alladin. Bands entertaining, representatives of the local Freemason chapter, classic cars and a costumed Batman, Leia with Storm Trooper and assorted robots to entertain the kids. A lot of fun for the families gathered along the parade route.

It was too blah and gray to bbq so I made chicken cutlets out of some of the boneless and skinless chicken breasts I bought on sale yesterday and served them with roasted potato wedges and a classic mojito. I finished the meal with no churn ice cream.

Mojito … the fresh mint is what makes this cocktail so special

Dulce de Leche no-churn ice cream … look for the recipe on a subsequent post.


4 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day / 4th of July!

  1. This looks seriously good Maria! I adore Dulce de Leche so it would be quite dangerous to have around the house. Our dear American friends are coming for a visit in a few weeks, I will have to make this treat for them. I love the swirls you made in the cream, just beautiful.
    We didn’t do anything particularly Canadian yesterday, we just enjoyed the day. The parade sounds like fun but like you, I would have enjoyed it from my window and not in the crowds.

    1. The ice cream is decadent. I hope you and your visitors enjoy it … of course, you can make a batch before they get here to test it out. I can hardly wait to try one of the other flavours like chocolate, coffee, mocha, orange etc.

  2. Happy Canada Day. The parade sounds really good and how lovely to be able to watch it from a window in your own home. The ice cream looks and sounds wonderful! xx

    1. Thank you for the Canada Day wishes. As to the parade, the yearly fireworks situation is similar … at least the middle to high ones. We used to go out on the porch on the 2nd floor and sit on chairs to watch them rather than walking down to the river. Good times.

      The ice cream is truly decadent.

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