Happy Father’s Day, Dad

I tried to find a picture of my dad that I could show but ended up with few choices to pick from. And they were poor resolution pics taken from a distance so taking a picture of THAT (since I don’t have a scanner) didn’t turn out wonderfully … but it was the best I could do.

Although he’d never stand still for us to take a picture of him, my dad was always happy to show off his garden to company. Here he posed with an older couple who had come to Canada for a visit from Yugoslavia (or Romania) in 1983. Flannel work shirts were his regular dress when he was at home.

In the back of this shot you can see the rhododendron and azalea bushes that he planted at the house we lived in, out in the suburbs, before we moved back into the city.

Here are some shots of the back yard when the tulips and sweet alyssum were in bloom. My dad loved his tulips and planted them extensively in the raised flower beds he created. Picture 2 kidney shaped beds with a circular bed in the middle. At the back was a rectangular bed that extended across the back of our property and separated it from the undeveloped land at the back, where deer, pheasants and rabbits were seen.

These shots look from the front-right to the back-left of our back yard.

A slightly different angle.

This shot looks across our property from the front-left to the back-right and into our neighbour’s yard where they had a lovely swimming pool. (I envied them that pool.)


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