Pork Tenderloin Kebabs … Broiler or BBQ

A few days ago I picked up a couple of packages of pork tenderloin cheaply ($2.88 a pound). I quick-prepped and froze away 3/4 of the meat for the future, but kept about 1 1/2 pounds of the loin aside. It was cleaned of silver skin and excess fat and cubed for kebabs. The marinade… that was the question.

Remember that cilantro chimichurri? Well, a half pound of the cubes ended up marinating overnight in some of that flavourful herb  mixture. I was going to barbecue the cubes on skewers, but it was Tuesday, and I wasn’t THAT ambitious that early in the week, so I grilled the skewers in the oven instead.

The other pound of pork tenderloin cubes were marinated in a commercially prepared red pepper salad dressing from Kraft. Threaded with onions and peppers, they made tasty and colourful skewers to be wrapped in pita bread or served over rice, couscous or potatoes.

I cut the pork tenderloin cubes marinated in the chimichurri (left) smaller than the ones in the red pepper dressing (right) so 1/4 of a pound of pork ended up on 2 skewers of the former, while they filled only one skewer of the latter.

Supper – Chimichurri pork tenderloin skewers with leftover baked potato and coleslaw

The other broiled skewers were frozen away once cooked


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