Steelhead Trout 2 Ways: #1 Pan Fried Trout with Hollandaise Sauce and Fiddleheads

I bought a lovely fillet of steelhead trout a while ago and waited to cook it until I was inspired.

Unfortunately, inspiration is an elusive thing so when, a few days ago, I saw that fresh fiddleheads were available at a local grocery store I thought I’d pair the two … saving my creativity for another day. But who wants to eat 4 portions of trout all cooked the same way?

Not me.

So, I skinned the fillet and cut it into 5 portions, each roughly 6 oz in size. The 2 prettiest were saved for tomorrow’s meal while I coated the rest in seasoned flour (salt, pepper and paprika) and pan fried them in vegetable oil over medium heat for ~ 2 1/2 minutes per side.

The fiddleheads were boiled until they were tender (10-12 min) in salted water, then sauteed in vegetable oil in which prosciutto strips had been crisped, along with the white portion of a couple of stalks of green onion. A sprinkling of Romano cheese (you can use Parmesan too) added an additional salty note to the fiddleheads. It wasn’t really needed but it was good. The couscous was cooked in chicken broth and then lime zest and sliced green onion tops were stirred into the warm couscous.

I’ve made this blender hollandaise before. The only change I made was to replace the lemon juice and white wine vinegar with 2 tbsp of lime juice. All I had was red wine vinegar in my pantry … plus I didn’t want to waste the lime by only using the zest.


2 thoughts on “Steelhead Trout 2 Ways: #1 Pan Fried Trout with Hollandaise Sauce and Fiddleheads

  1. My mother would eat this and ask for seconds. Nobody loved fiddleheads more than she did. Every spring she’d drag my father all over Maine for the best spots to get her treasured fiddleheads. 🙂

    1. Ours were shipped in and I cooked them right away as they have a short shelf life once picked. Tasty and at $3.99 for a half a pound, I savoured every bit. 🙂

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