Picspam: End of April Odds and Ends

My dad’s flowers are still coming up bravely year after year. I put together a small vase of daffodils, narcissus and grape hyacinths so I could enjoy them in the house. When they’re gone, weeds will take over until the fall when the Naked Ladies bloom.

In the meantime, I’m thinking of starting some herbs from seeds this weekend.

Other things to do this weekend … bake. I’m thinking butter tarts, or a lemon meringue pie. Maybe I’ll just make some lemon curd and use it to make another pan of limoncello tiramisu with the last of the mascarpone in my freezer. We’ll see.


With some flowers on your kitchen table, even a tuna sandwich and a glass of milk can look elegant.

Breakfast or lunch … I made a sandwich out of one of the leftover sweet potato biscuits I made to go with the soup, a couple of home made breakfast sausage patties and a slice of American cheese and paired it with fried diced potatoes and sunny side up fried eggs. Better than any breakfast you could order at McD’s.

I’m still trying to get some consistent waffles out of my ancient waffle iron. I’m almost there.

I had thought I’d make a raspberry pastry cream tart with the berries above but got too tired to do so, so I turned 2 cups of fresh raspberries into a sauce to spoon over the last of the vanilla ice cream in my freezer. Or, I can put some on my next batch of waffles or crepes


Pan fried boneless pork loin chop lightly coated in bread crumbs, kale salad, corn and stuffing

Jerk boneless pork loin chop, kale salad, baked beans and peas


7 thoughts on “Picspam: End of April Odds and Ends

  1. Food is so much more than just the actual food isn’t. Flowers have amazing powers to make things sound better. And limoncello tiramisu sounds divine.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words regarding my Ruby, Marie. I am so impressed with your beautiful flowers; they are so pretty and I agree, anything served on your table is all the more impressive because of the vase of flowers. How lovely to have a touch of Spring in your home and how wonderful that these flowers are the result of your father’s gardening skills xx

  3. You have beautiful memories of your father… I have always loved daffodils. Strangely I don’t have a single flower on my balcony and outside window sill, but I have at least a dozen herbs+salads… Some are really huge (this year I’ve even bought spinach plants and they have grown so quickly, I must quickly eat them; otherwise I’ll have spinach flowers (is such exist!).

    1. My dad loved bulbs … tulips were actually his favourite flowers and our place in the burbs had large beds of them. As well as azaleas and rhododendrons. Not that those are bulbs. I hope to plant some herbs this year. 🙂

      1. I’m surprised that as such a prolific cook you haven’t got any herbs yet!!! Such things as chives or parsley or green onions can be such life savers when you want some herbs and don’t want to go out and buy… and they grow even at cold temperatures (I remember my mum used to dig out parsley leaves from under the snow!). I have juste made spanakopita with my own spinach!!! It was delicious. It’s the first year for spinach on my balcony, but since it’s so easy and so much fun (not to mention the low cost) I’ll do it every year now (I have bought tiny plants not seeds).

      2. I have the proverbial black thumb. My parents had all the fruit, vegetable and flower growing talents in my family. I had Greek oregano, thyme, rosemary and a few times basil in my cement planter at the back of the house, but the herbs were killed off by a couple of bad winters and I never replanted.

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